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Area residents question how they will afford health insurance

Updated: Friday, September 27 2013, 09:18 PM CDT
Written by: Chris Papst

Many of America’s uninsured only have three days left before they have to sign up for health insurance or be fined.  And some don’t know how they are going to afford it.  

Eric Dodd, 47, doesn’t have health insurance.  But under the Affordable Care Act, which kicks in on October 1, he’s going to have to buy some, which is something he hasn’t been able to do in more than a decade.  "I really don't know [how I will pay for it].  All I can do is keep my life in the hands of the good Lord and hope he keeps me healthy until something does happen."

This life-long Harrisburg resident has been out of work for the past year.  Last week he started a new job, but it’s only part time.  So, on Friday, Dodd went to the Zembo Shrine to get some free health tests.  Highmark Blue Shield conducted the screenings for black men between 18 and 64 who work, but don’t have health insurance.  What they do have, are questions about what will happen starting Tuesday.
"I'm specifically directing people to go to the Highmark Direct Stores because they have people there who have been trained in the health care laws who can help people know what kind of coverage they qualify for,” said Lori Clark Robinson with Highmark Blue Shield.
As for Dodd, he still doesn’t know what to expect. But he fears he may have to spend money he doesn’t have. 

"I've just been blessed with the attitude of persistence.  I press on with that.  Sooner or later employment will come.  I believe that,” added Dodd.

The fines start in 2014. For a single person it’s $95 and $47.50 for each uninsured child.
Area residents question how they will afford health insurance

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