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As jackpot climbs, group cautions could-be winners

Updated: Friday, September 20 2013, 10:47 AM CDT
Reported by: Ewa Roman

HARRISBURG -- The Powerball Jackpot is now $400 millions.

Lori Burdge of Juniata County bought a ticket Wednesday. She works in the dental insurance industry.

"The very first thing I would say you shouldn't do is quit your job," said Lori Burdge, who was playing the lottery.

The 24/7 Wall Street Group says if you win, don't forget to sign the ticket and report it to the state -- two of the simplest and easiest mistakes to make.

The group also cautions people: Don't tell everyone! It could put you on danger. And don't automatically decide to take the up-front cash; see a financial advisor.

"Those tips? They're very good, I like my job so I would always have to work," Burdge said. 

Here are more tips from 24/7 Wall Street: don't think that you are the smartest person to manage your money and finances. Don't let your debts remain in place. Don't become a generous high roller. Don't buy everything for everyone, or even yourself. Don't become the business backer for all your friends and family. Don't give away the whole enchilada. And don't throw out your budget.As jackpot climbs, group cautions could-be winners

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