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Former Cumberland Valley HS teacher charged after alleged sexual contact with student

Updated: Friday, March 14 2014, 06:33 PM CDT
Reported by: Jesse Knutson

Silver Spring Township- Emily Nesbit, a former teacher at Cumberland Valley High School, turned herself into police on Friday after being charged with one count of educational sexual assault, a felony of the third degree.
Nesbit taught 11th grade English at Cumberland Valley High School, and resigned on Wednesday after police launched an investigation into the allegation that Nesbit was having a sexual relationship with a student, who was 18.
“A student got wind of it, saw something on a cell phone, and brought it to a school employee.” Cumberland County District Attorney David Freed said.
According to court documents, the student involved in the investigation told police that in addition to holding hands and kissing, Nesbit had performed oral sex on him. The court documents continue to say that Nesbit admitted to the oral sex, adding that all of the sexual acts took place in her classroom.
Police acquired a warrant for Nesbit and the student’s cell phones, and found that the two exchanged text messages with photographs of each other undressing. In the texts, Nesbit also shared her desire to have sex with the student, according to police.
Today Nesbit’s lawyer, Brian Perry, released a statement on behalf of Nesbit. “This morning, Emily voluntarily surrendered to MDJ Beckley and waived her right to a preliminary hearing.  Emily has been completely cooperative with law enforcement and has resigned her teaching position with the Cumberland Valley School District.  She made a series of bad decisions at a low point in her life.  These bad decisions will dramatically affect her former student and his family, not to mention the lives of Emily and her family.  She intends to accept responsibility in court and continue to work on her personal issues that lead to the alleged inappropriate conduct.”
At Friday’s press conference, Freed said to stop this kind of thing from happening, parents should monitor their children’s cell phones.
“You need to 100% read your child’s text messages. Follow them on Instagram, follow them on Twitter.” Freed said, adding that you should also talk to your students about speaking up about what they see and hear at school. “What we’ve got to teach our kids is that providing information like this is actually doing the right thing, and not the wrong thing.”
The school district said that all staff at Cumberland Valley High School get mandatory training prior to the school year about laws regarding sexual relationships and students.
Nesbit could face up to seven years in jail if found guilty.Former Cumberland Valley HS teacher charged after alleged sexual contact with student

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