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Harrisburg Recovery Plan goes before court Thursday

Updated: Thursday, September 19 2013, 06:50 AM CDT
Reported by: Brandie Meng
Posted by: Sara Small (

On Thursday the Harrisburg Recovery Plan, which includes the sale of the incinerator, goes before the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania.

There are multiple steps in this whole process and organizations involved.

So while an agreement of sale for the incinerator has happened and city council has approved the sale, everything needs to be approved by the Commonwealth Court.

A Pennsylvania Judge will hear arguments on a plan to rescue the finances of the state's capital from the brink of bankruptcy.

The plan was put together by the state-appointed financial custodian of Harrisburg William Lynch.

It is 350 pages long and includes suggestions like selling the city's municipal trash incinerator and transferring the city's parking garages and lots to a state economic development agency.

The plan was submitted last month and attempts to relieve hundreds of millions of dollars of debt for the city and helps to erase the city's persistent budget shortfalls.

Court approval is required for the plan to take effect under a 2011 law that allowed an unprecedented state takeover of the troubled city.

Harrisburg Recovery Plan goes before court Thursday

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