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New Amish Farmer's Market plans to help boost local economy

Updated: Saturday, February 22 2014, 09:41 PM CST
Reported by Jesse Knutson (

A new market showcasing more than 40 vendors had it’s grand opening in Hanover this weekend, helping boost the economy by bringing business to the area, and hiring local people.
The Amish Market, located right off Route 194, showcases local businesses including arts and crafts stores, Amish-made furniture, alpaca products, and plenty of delicious food.
“I think the thing that’s different about here is that it’s bright, beautiful, a location with happy vendors that are excited to see you and just want to tell you more about their product,” said Elizabeth Johnides, owner of the Amish Markets of Hanover.

D.T. Hobbies was one of the first stores to commit to joining the Amish Market, and they’re glad they did, saying that business has been great and the future looks bright.
“The atmosphere is just fantastic over here, the people are nice, it’s just great being here,” said owner, Donald Teal.
Other vendors have that same sentiment. Joel Hershey works at Shady Maple across the aisle from DT Hobbies, and he says one of the best parts about this market is the fact that it’s so diverse.
“This Farmer’s Market is the most unique that I have seen,” said Hershey.
Don Elicker agrees, and he says that’s what makes this market different than the others. Don’s daughter has a booth at the Amish Market, selling custom cakes and cupcakes.
Since the soft-opening in December, more vendors have opened up, and now the market is nearly at capacity.
“Each week we’re opening more stores here in the market and it’s bringing more people in,” Elicker told CBS 21 News.
These businesses are bringing more people into Hanover, helping the borough flourish, and helping people see what local Pennsylvanian’s have to offer.
“A huge part of this obviously is the ability to have a place that local craftsman and local farmers, and people obviously, like our butcher shop, are able to sell their products. So to have all of that under one big roof is fantastic,” said Johnides.
Evan Arndt
Stoney Point Farm Market
“If you want something fresh, local, you want to support a local farmer, this is the place to come,” said Evan Arndt of Stoney Point Farm Market.
Arndt and his family have been running Stoney Point Farm Market for more than 30 years out of Littlestown, and they say the expansion to Hanover is helping their business grow.
At the market, they have more than just shops, they have demonstrations.

This week, 13-year-old Sean “The Gourmet” Bruce led a cooking seminar, and he says he’d gladly come back anytime.
“Such wonderful vendors, it’s a great atmosphere, I’m glad to be apart of it,” he said.
The Amish Market is open every Thursday and Friday until 7pm, and Saturdays until 4pm.New Amish Farmer's Market plans to help boost local economy

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