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Students and first responders team up for mock bus crash drill

Updated: Sunday, September 22 2013, 09:57 PM CDT
Reported by Jesse Knutson (

First responders joined with Bermudian Springs School District today for mock school bus accident drill in Adams County, 8 months after a real school bus crash happened. The goal was to better prepare for a situation that they hope will never happen again.

Students inside the bus were told to make it as realistic as possible, they even wore makeup and had pre-determined injuries that emergency crews had to deal with.
“I played the scenario of the person with cuts all over their faces and a broken leg, a compound facture where the bone came through the skin,” says Drew Phillipi.
This came after months of reflection and planning following a bus crash on January 11th, where 32 students and a bus driver were hit head on by a pickup truck, causing the school bus to flip.
“I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be involved in something like that,” says Elizabeth Peters, a sophomore at Bermudian Springs High School.
Todd Staub is the Director of Transportation of the Bermudian Springs School District and says, "We took the situation of the accident in January and we built from that and we looked at all of our policies and procedures and tweaked them to what we needed to do to make it better and today we got to practice those.”
First responders say this type of drill is extremely helpful in being prepared for an event no one hopes will happen, and the students involved say they think it was as realistic as it could be, without being the real thing.

“I know I learned a lot. You know, how scary it is to be in a situation like that," says Student Council President Collin Gurgul.
Everyone involved in the drill said it was a big success, but they hope they don’t have to use this training anytime in the near future.
Students and first responders team up for mock bus crash drill

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