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UPDATE: Two Cedar Crest HS students arrested for detailed school shooting plan

Updated: Tuesday, March 11 2014, 04:55 AM CDT
Reported by: Michael Gorsegner
Contributor: Sara Small

On Tuesday, students at Cedar Crest High School are heading back to school
just a few days after two students were arrested for a potential school
shooting plot. Those two students are now being held at a juvenile
detention facility.

Some students came forward Thursday
afternoon alerting officials to the potential for a plot against the
school. School officials say they acted quickly and stopped any type of
potential problem and school continued on just fine Friday and

And while the threat wasn’t necessarily imminent, the quick
movement by police and officials may have thwarted a potential attack.
“I understand that these are extraordinary situations,” said parent Dave Williams.
14-year-old kids are in police custody, arrested for planning a
potential shooting at Cedar Crest High School in South Lebanon Township.
weapons were brought onto the school property at any time. No students
or staff members were ever endangered at any time, in essence, this plan
was averted prior to any actual operational movement," said Chief
Michael Lesher, from South Lebanon Township Police Department.
investigation started on Thursday afternoon. A group of students went
to school administrators and told them they had overheard the potential
"Some other students had gone to school staff members
indicating that they overheard some of these plans, the staff members of
course called the police, and that's what triggered the investigation,"
said Chief Lesher.
“We are going to do everything to make sure
every child and every person that walks through the doors are safe,”
said Superintendent Dr. Philip Domencic.
South Lebanon Township
Police and school administrators worked hand-in-hand to quickly uncover
the plot. The two students were arrested and the plot foiled. Administrators say at no time were the students at Cedar Crest High in
imminent danger.
“We take this very seriously. If it was not safe to have school, we would not have school,” said Dr. Domencic.
In light of the arrests, some wonder if now is the time to act and arm the districts four school resource officers.
am glad that we are hesitant and we are taking our time on this topic
but I think the sad reality shows that we need to move forward,” said
Lori Miller, Union Canal Elementary School teacher and parent.
Those two
juveniles are facing charges this morning including criminal attempt to
commit aggravated assault, conspiracy and making terroristic threats. They are being held at a juvenile detention facility in Lancaster
The board is also considering the idea of arming the
district’s four school resource officers. That topic will be discussed
at the next scheduled board meeting on Monday, March 17th.
UPDATE: Two Cedar Crest HS students arrested for detailed school shooting plan

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